Youth Program

Dance the Bay Youth Program, formerly known as Everybody Dance Now! Berkeley, strives to make dance accessible for youth by providing dance at preschool and after school programs. We teach genres of hip hop, contemporary, yoga, and creative movement, all the while emphasizing dance as an outlet for creativity and self-expression, and a means of learning discipline, cooperation, and confidence.

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In the last few years, we are humbled to have partnered with Bay Area Hispano Institute for Advancement (BAHIA) La Academia de BAHIA and BAHIA School Age Program, Boys and Girls Club of Oakland, Albany Children’s Center,YMCA Headstart, Ailey Camp Berkeley/Oakland, and Berkeley LEARNS sites in the Berkeley Unified School District.


Our Classes

Dance the Bay Youth Program offers weekly dance classes on-site at preschool and after school programs around the Bay Area. Genres are predominantly hip hop, creative movement, and contemporary, but include many other dance elements as well. Classes are taught by UC Berkeley student teachers who are passionate about dance education, as well as teaching artists from around the Bay Area.


Guest Teachers

To add to the palate of the students’ dance experience, every semester the DtB Youth Program invites 1-2 guest teachers, dance education professionals, or teams to teach! This allows for diversity in teachers, allowing students to experience different styles of teaching, as well as in content – in different styles of hip hop as well as different genres that raise cultural understanding and awareness, such as Chinese dance and Bollywood.


Curriculum & Training

DtB Youth Program’s dance curriculum stems from each instructor’s own experience and training, with a focus on dancing as a community builder, a means of nonverbal communication, and a recreational activity. We also strive to broaden students’ dance vocabulary and perspectives. Our curriculum is based on VAPA California Dance Standards, and has included elements of hip hop, modern, ballroom, Bartenieff Fundamentals/Total Body Connectivity, ballet, jazz, and yoga.


All DtB Youth Program instructors are required to attend and graduate from a two day training where they learn about various topics including the developmental stages for child development, classroom management, keeping the classroom a safe space, diversity, multicultural communication & learning styles. We were humbled to have dance education workshops from Lisa Wymore (UC Berkeley TDPS), Jessy Kronenberg (CDEA), Marjorie Ortiz (SADC), Ehud Krauss (Zohar Dance Company), Elissa Lee (Dance the Bay), and Gordon Lai (Dance the Bay).


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