Gordon Lai

Gordon is a third year, intended business major at UC Berkeley. He has been a part of AFX (a campus dance organization) for about 2 years and was the Executive Director during the Fall 2013 semester. He primarily dances hip hop, but also has some experience in modern. He thinks making the arts a part of one’s lifestyle is extremely important to general well being in different ways. On one hand, dance for him is a creative, emotional, and physical outlet. On another hand, it connects him with people from different backgrounds to share in one passion. Together, as a family, he enjoys learning, working towards goals, and having fun. Gordon believes that to some, this can be a simple pleasure, but its also something that many people unfortunately don’t have the opportunity to enjoy. Because of this, he hopes to bring more people together and promote openness, sharing, and creativity in the world through dance.

External Relations Coordinator | Spring 2014

Executive Director | Fall 2014

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